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Pfaff - Creative Smart Card Station
Creative Smart Card Station
Please call 800-442-8227 for more information.

Pfaff - Creative Smart Card Station

The link between your embroidery machine and computer! Save your embroidery creations on your own personal creative smart card or creative card. The creative smart card station includes*:

creative smart card station hardware and USB Cable

creative 4D File Assistant

Transfer embroideries and 9mm stitch files to/from a personal creative card for use with your creative 2170/2144/2140 embroidery machine.

Link between your computer and creative 2134 or creative 2124 embroidery machine using personal smart cards.

Manage the embroideries on your personal cards with creative 4D File Assistant. (The Send To features in all 4D Embroidery modules allow you to send one design simply to the machine or card.)

*Optional personal creative Card (2170/2144/2140) or personal smart Card (2134/2124) is needed.