Janome Apps for MC15000 and Skyline S9



Friday, January 25th 2019
11 AM – 3 PM



Software Classes



Class is Full! Please call to be added to the wait list.

This class is an instructional guide through the 5 Janome apps available in the Apple App Store for the Janome MC15000 and Janome Skyline S9. Having knowledge of these apps will enable you to use your machine to its full potential! Learn how to use the built-in WiFi on your machine to communicate with your Apple iPad. In this class we will cover the following apps:

  • AcuDesign: Gives you the ability to import stitch designs from various sources and modify them anywhere, anytime – even when you’re not connected to the internet.
  • AcuEdit: Allows you to edit designs anywhere, anytime! Embroidery designs can even be edited when your machine is sewing. Send the design data to your MC15000 or S9 and you’re ready to go!
  • AcuMonitor: Checks embroidery progress on the MC15000 or S9. You can check embroidery progress even if you are away from the machine. With this app, you don’t need to sit by the machine anymore – while the machine is embroidering, you can go and do other things!
  • AcuSetter: Makes it possible to arrange the position of the designs using an iPad before embroidering on the Janome MC15000 and S9. Even if the fabric shifts a little when inserted in the hoop, re-hooping isn’t necessary. By taking a photo of the embroidery hoop with the fabric in it, the design can easily be arranged while checking various fabric conditions (shifting of the fabric’s position, fabric patterns, embroidery already sewn, cross lines, etc.)
  • AcuSketch: Use this app to create quilting-like designs by tracing or drawing on an iPad with your finger or a stylus. Enjoy this quick, easy, and fun way to create custom designs.

Supply List

  • Your MC15000 or Skyline S9 (We will be setting up the machine’s Wi-Fi and also sending designs from iPad to machine. It is important to have your machine here so you can see how that is done and feel comfortable doing it on your machine at home. It will also make remembering how to do it easier since it’ll be 100 % hands-on!)
  • Embroidery hoop SQ14 (MC15000) or Embroidery hoop SQ14A (S9)
  • Embroidery foot (on machine)
  • An Apple iPad with all of the above apps already installed. Please note that all of the apps EXCEPT FOR ACUDESIGN are free. AcuDesign costs $49.99. Because of the cost, if you don’t want to purchase this before class, you can still sign up. We will be projecting the instructor’s iPad screen onto a TV screen so all students can see, even without one of the apps installed on their iPad.
  • A notebook for any notes taken during class (optional)
  • Touch screen stylus pen (optional) these can be purchased almost anywhere pens are sold. It will have a rubber-like tip that will allow the pen to be used with touch-screens.

Class Cancellation Policy

To reserve a seat, all Pocono Sew & Vac classes must to be paid in full before the class begins. In the event that a student needs to cancel their reservation for a class, they should notify PS&V at least 7 days in advance to be eligible for a full refund. Cancellations made 2-6 days before class will be issued a store credit.  Cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance will not be eligible for a refund or store credit.