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3.7" Color LCD TFT 3.67" Color touch screen
Lightweight  8.25 lbs. with handle for portability
Easy to Operate Buttons Power, Start/Stop, Feed, Setting, Home Ability to pause the machine with Start/Stop LED button
Holder Easy to set/removable
AC Adapter For global use
USB slot High-speed USB host
Easy to View Operation Panel 3 viewing angles
Stylus For easy on-screen edits on the LCD
Auto Shutdown Adjustable
Machine memory 1MB or 60 pockets

Crafting Workspace

Work Area 11.75" x 11.75"
Optional Extended Work Area 11.75" x 23.75"
Standard Blade Max 1.0mm (may vary)
Deep Blade Max 1.5mm (may vary)
Blade Depth Adjustment 12 levels
Cutting Speed 5 levels
Adjustable Holder Pressure 19 levels
Cutting Material: Max 2.0mm (may vary) Paper (max 1.5mm): Printer/Scrapbook/Cardstock/Velum/Tracing/Poster board. Fabric: Thin cottin/Flannel/Felt. Others: Magnet/Sticker or seal


Scanning Size 12" x 12"  Work Area: 11.75" x 11.75"
Image Type Full color
Thickness of Scanning material 1.5mm (max) : Standard/Low Tack mat
Scanning Speed 30 sec/mat
Scan resolution 300 DPI
Recognition Type Gray scale 256
Background Scan Adjustment Darker/Lighter
Direct Cut Frame Types (11)
Scan-to-Cut Data  Detection Type: Outline, Region, Line (Thinning). Saving Data Function after detection. Deletion Area (unwanted scanned images) up to 3.9" per deletion. Threshold for converting: 5 level
Scan to USB Scan Size: 7 format
Scan to USB Output File Format Select Scan Resolution: 300/250/200/150/100 DPI as JPEG data


Language 8 (English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese)
Opening Screen On/Off
Test Cutting Function Three patterns for test
Buzzer On/Off
Cut Area Able to change by drag/drop operation
Mat Preview Grid Measurement
Built-in Designs 700
Built-in Quilt Patterns 140
Built-in fonts 5
Drag & Drop Function Select / move designs on the LCD using the stylus
Add Patterns Add other designs
Enlargement Reduction Feature Designs can be enlarged or reduced
On-Screen Editing Functions Sizing (height and width), Duplicating, Lock and Unlocking the Aspect Ratio, Pattern rotation in 1 degree increments, mirroring, seam allowance on/off, unifying, welding, group deleting / group selecting, auto layout by rearranging patterns: rotate at any angle, rotate patterns 0 degrees or 180 degrees, without rotating
Seam Allowance Width 7 levels
Pattern Spacing/Pattern Interval 10 levels (width between pattern and pattern/edge of mat)