Handi Quilter Forte 24 Magnifiers


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Pick the perfect frame size

Sizes of frames. Description of sizes below.
10-foot Gallery2 Frame
5.5ft by 10ft. 7.5 to 8ft by 12ft to 13ft including walking space
12-foot Gallery2 Frame
5.5ft by 12ft. 7.5 to 8ft by 14ft to 15ft including walking space
14-foot Gallery2 Frame
5.5ft by 14ft. 7.5 to 8ft by 16ft to 17ft including walking space

Optional Accessories

Optional accessories to buy for the Forte
  • Pro-Stitcher (computer-guided quilting)
  • Quilt from the Back Kit: rear handlebars, laser light, and pantograph
  • Groovy Board adapter/stylus
  • HQ Steady-FitTM Ruler Base
  • HQ Electromagnetic Channel Locks (Available May 2018)
  • Horizontal Spool Pin
  • 27-inch HQ Super Leader
  • Handi Feet
  • 14-foot Extension Kit for the Gallery2 Frame (Available late 2018)

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