Organ Ballpoint Needles 15x1SP Titanium (Choose Size)


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Features: It has a "snake's head" shape due to a combination of a slightly bulged eye and a slightly reduced blade above the eye.  The bulged eye opens a slightly larger space in the material and the thinner blade above the eye reduces contact between the material and the needle. This reduces needle heat-up and prevents skip stitches. It separates the fibers rather than cutting them, avoiding needle holes in the fabric.

PERFECT DURABILITY needles have a titanium-nitride ceramic finish which makes them more wear-resistant than any other needles. When penetrating very abrasive, dense or tough materials, such as Jeans, the needle points and surface will maintain its original shape and dimensions 3 to 5 times longer. PD needle points will not wear down as fast as chromium plated needles points. The use of PD needles gives you longer needle life, fewer defects due to "dulled" needle points, and increased productivity on all fabrics.

Type: 15x1SP PD

Sizes: 11 or 14

Size 11 Part Number: 15x1SP#11PD

Size 14 Part Number: 15x1SP#14PD


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