Brother ULT2002D

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Sold from 2001 to 2005

Special Features

  • On screen sewing advisor gives advice about sewing and general machine use, in addition to illustrated step-by-step instructions on the large LCD display.
  • Machine sets thread tension automatically - no more bothersome trial sewing.
  • Prepare the bobbin thread for sewing with one touch - no need to pull the bobbin thread up through the needle plate.
  • Attach the knee lifter to raise and lower the presser foot without using your hands - convenient for quilting and patchwork.
  • Wind the bobbin easily, even while the machine is embroidering.


  • There are 107 pre-programmed stitches in the machine, for garment construction or mending.
  • Sew alphabetical character patterns, decorative stitch patterns, satin stitch patterns, cross stitch patterns, and more.

Embroidery Features

  • Attach the embroidery unit to enjoy sewing realistic embroidery patterns. Choose from the alphabetic (character) patterns, built-in designs, or decorative borders to frame your patterns pre-programmed into the machine, or choose from a wide selection of embroidery cards (sold separately) to increase creativity.
  • Select the “Embroidery” function icon to choose a pattern and sew it as it appears on the screen.
  • You can combine characters and patterns, or change the configuration of characters easily with the “Embroidery Edit” functions.


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