Juki MO-3000QVP AKANE 2/3/4 Thread Differential Feed Overlock


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The new JUKI MO-3000QVP: 2/3/4 thread differential feed overlock with automatic thread supply and easy threader.

This overlock serger is equipped with new features to take your serging to the next level, including an automatic thread supply, a JUKI exclusive chain-off thread cutter, micro-lift of the presser foot, and effortless threading with the power of air! In addition, JUKI has added features including a wider throat area, a bright workspace with color temperature adjustment, a magnet needle tray, an LCD screen, and 2/3 thread conversion. Also, new features allow you to operate the serger by hand(utilizing a new speed control) or foot, like a knee lift lever and foot controller with foot switch functions. The MO-3000QVP is equipped to gather stretched fabrics such as knits and georgette with differential feed and sew rolled hemming for beautiful finishes on light to medium-weight fabrics.


Chain-off Thread Cutter

Chain-Off Thread Cutter

The chain-off thread can be cut manually by pressing the scissors button or using the foot switch. Automatic cutting is also possible and you can set the chain-off thread length.

Micro Lifter

Micro Lifter

With the micro-lifter, you can sew with the presser foot lifted up to 2.5mm. This extra spacing makes handling those bulky projects easier. Trying to finish the edge of a heavy winter coat or set elastic into a fleece waist band? Micro-lift is just what you need.

LCD Screen

LCD Screen

The LCD screen shows the selected stitch pattern as selected by the stitch selection knob.

Foot Controller with Foot Switch Functions

Foot Controller with Foot Switch Functions

With the ability to select a function for the secondary switch of the foot controller, users can take a half-stitch, low-speed stitching or activate thread cutting.

Stitch Collections
Easy Threader - Upper/Lower Looper Threads

Using the easy threader feature, easily thread the machine from the threading hole to the looper hole with the power of a strong whoosh of air sent from the electric motor. This amazing function makes it fast and easy when threading the upper and lower loopers.

Automatic Needle Threader (Right/Left Needle Threads)

Even for the needle thread, serger users may want quick threading. With the automatic needle threader, threading is a breeze.

Wide Throat Area

The height of the throat is 2.6". Due to this height, the usability of the work space improved infinitely.

Bright Workspace

The workspace is brightly illuminated with LED lights mounted at two locations. The long-life and energy-efficient LED lights will not heat up even when used continuously for a long period of time.

Light Control Function

In addition to brightness, color temperature of the LED lights can also be adjusted between daylight color and soft white color. The LED light adjustment functions can also eliminate viewing difficulties caused by the combination of certain fabric and threadcolors.

Magnetic Needle Tray

This tray is useful as a place to temporarily put a needle when changing over the sewing method from the 2-needle sewing to 1-needle sewing, or when changing the needle.

2-/3-Thread Conversion

It is possible to change over the stitch type to 2-thread sewing by pushing the 2-/3-thread changeover attachment to the left.

Waste Collector

Provided as a standard accessory, the waste collector catches cut-off fabric and is useful for keeping the area tidy.

Storage of Accessories

Accessories such as tweezers and a screwdriver can be stored inside the looper cover.

** It is recommended to use Jlx2 needles, especially when sewing thick materials, overlapped sections, etc, with overlock machines. **

Technical Specifications

Number of Threads
2/3/4 Threads
130-705 H or JLx2
4 Thread Overlock Seam Width
5.5 ~ 7.5 mm
3/2 Thread Overlock Seam Width
Left Needle 5.5 ~ 7.5 mm, Right Needle 3.5 ~ 5.5mm
Rolled Hem Seam Width
2 mm
Stitch Length
.07 ~ 4mm (Standard 2.5mm)
Differential Feed
0.7 ~ N (1) ~ 2.0
Presser Foot Lift by Lever
6mm / 8mm
Presser Foot Lift by Knee Lifter
Sewing Speed
Maximum 1,500 SPM
2 LED lights
13.8"W x 12.2"D x 13.4"H
Machine Weight
25 LBS

Please remove the packaging material on the thread guide (see below) prior to use of the machine.



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