Schmetz Super Non-Stick Needles (Choose Size)

Schmetz Super Non-Stick Needles (Choose Size)


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This new needle makes stitching through vinyl and other questionable textures eazy peazy.

There's a Stealthy New Schmetz Needle in Town...
It won't leave you in a sticky situation!

Tired of gumming up needles with stubborn adhesives? Complaining about missed stitches and thread breakage caused by adhesives? Users of adhesive stabilizers, temporary spray adhesives, or self-adhesive hook and loop tapes can now rejoice! The unique slippery surface ensures less "goo" sticks to the needle!


  • Non-stick coating of nickle-phosphor-PTFE.
  • Extra-large eye suitable for embroidery work.
  • Eye corresponds to a needle two sizes larger (i.e., the 70/10 non stick eye is similar to the 90/14 universal eye).
  • Distinctive scarf and special eye prevents skipped stitches.
  • Slightly rounded point provides trouble-free sewing on most materials.
  • Strong conical blade reinforcement easily handles thick fabrics like denim.
  • Five needles per pack.


  • Machine embroidery.
  • Hook & loop tapes.
  • General sewing.

Five (5) needles per pack.

Guaranteed to fit.

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70/10 Part Number: 4501

80/12 Part Number: 4502

90/14 Part Number: 4503

100/16 Part Number: 4504