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JAN 200100007

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Everything you need for quilting. Open Toe Even Feed Foot, Quilting guide for Even Feed Foot, Open Toe Darning Foot, 1/4" Seam Foot, and Cloth Guide.

Part Number: JAN 200100007

Cloth guides- They come in all shapes and sizes – from a piece of tape stuck to your sewing machine to a flange on the side of a foot. But they have one thing in common: they make it easier to sew a consistently even seam width.

Darning foot - You might think that something called a "darning foot" would be designed to make garment repairs. You can use this foot for that if you really want to, but it was designed for doing free motion stitching on quilts and other projects.

Open Toe Even Feed FootThis set's walking foot has special feed dogs that work in sync with your sewing machine to pull the top layers of your fabric in perfect sync with the bottom. The open-toe design lets you see the needle so you can stop stitching exactly at the end of your seam. It is also very handy for precise techniques, like stitching in the ditch.

Quilting Guide for Even Feed Foot - This attaches to your even feed foot and allows you to do even rows of decrative stitching. You use it for techniques like window paning and channel stithing.

How To Use The Quilting Guide on your machine.

  1. Before you attach the presser foot holder (or ankle) to your machine, insert the Quilting Guide Bar into the hole on the side.
  2. Attach the ankle to your machine and your presser foot.
  3. Adjust the desired distance between your rows of stitches by sliding the bar in or out.
  4. Choose a stitch and sew your first row.
  5. On your next row, align your fabric so the guide is directly over your first line of stitching.
  6. Continue to use the bar to guide your subsequent rows of stitching.

1/4" Seam Foot The most important skill in quilting is being able to sew a consistent quarter inch seam allowance. No matter how accurate you are at cutting out your pieces, if your 1/4" is off just a little, your quilt top won't square up correctly.

Even worse, it's the kind of error that compounds with each additional square: If you're off by just 1/16" on each square, by the time you've sewn eight squares, your quilt is off by a full half inch.

But there's good news. Janome has designed a presser foot to give you a perfect 1/4" seam allowance every time.


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