Baby Lock Shirring Foot BLE8-SF


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For easy shirring and gathering on lightweight to medium fabrics using the overlock or chain stitch settings on your serger.

  1. The Shirring Foot has an additional groove on the underside of the foot for gathering.
  2. The raised markings on the toe of the foot are seam line guides. They indicate the needle positions to help guide your fabric for accurate seaming.
  3. Replace the General-Purpose Foot with the Shirring Foot. See Machine Instruction and Reference Manual for assistance in removing and replacing the snap-on feet.
  4. Increase the stitch length. A stitch length of 4 is the recommended setting.
  5. Increase the differential feed by moving the lever towards the number 2. The higher the differential feed the more the fabric will gather.
  6. For best results place fabric to be gathered right side up under the presser foot and past the grove on the underside of the foot.
  7. Place the fabric up to the needles. Turn the handwheel 3-4 turns to catch the fabric with the needles.
  8. Can also be used with chain stitch.
  9. The foot has tape sewing slots on the front to easily guide narrow ribbons, elastics and tapes.

Part Number: BAB BLE8-SF

Stitch Type: 4-Thread Overlock, 3 Thread Overlock, Chain Stitch
Stitch Width: M-7.5
Needle: 01 and 02
Stitch length: 4
Upper knife: Engaged “UNLOCKED”
Differential feed: 2
Stitch selector: A
Sewing speed: Slow to moderate

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