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Foot of the Month

Bernina Button Sew-On Foot

January 2022

Button Sew-On Foot #18 is an all-rounder for sewing on buttons, snap fasteners and eyelets. Its non-slip sole holds the button securely in place while it is sewn on.

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Adjustable Stippling/Open-Toe Free-motion Foot

November 2021

The Stippling / Open-Toe Free-Motion Foot simplifies free-motion quilting when it comes to small designs and detail work. This wide-open foot gives you a perfect sightline to the needle insertion point on the fabric.

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Bernina Jeans Foot

October 2021

Suited for sewing straight-stitched seams in tough, heavy fabrics such as denim, linen or canvas. Multi-layered fabrics also benefit from its special design.

When combined with the straight-stitch plate and its narrow needle opening, which gives the needle the greatest possible stability, the flat sole of this foot makes it easier for the foot to glide over the thick layers of fabric.

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Bernina Jeans 8

Bernina Jeans 8D

Rolled Hem Foot

April 2020

This special foot makes creating narrow, double-fold hems a breeze! If you’ve ever struggled to create a tiny hem on a light to medium weight fabric, then this is definitely a foot worth checking out.

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Gathering Foot

March 2020

The gathering foot is used in coordination with the feed dogs in your machine to create small gathers in your fabric. This foot is specially designed to allow the fabric to bunch together as it is fed underneath. Using the gathering foot is a great alternative to gathering by hand. It will allow you to gather quicker, and more efficiently – no more pulling threads!

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