Brother CM650W ScanNCut2 Machine FREE Digital Manuals

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4.85" color LCD touch screen display TFT 4.85" color LCD Touch Screen Display
Lightweight 8.60 lbs. with handles for portability
Easy to Operate Buttons Power, Start/Stop, Feed, Setting, Home, Ability to Pause the machine with start/stop LED button
Holder Easy to set/removable
AC Adapter For Global Use
USB Slot 2 USB Slots (High-Speed USB Port for USB Flash drive/USB port for USB cable for PC connectivity
Easy to view operational panel 3 viewing angles
Stylus For easy on-screen edits on the LCD touch screen display
Auto shutdown Adjustable
Machine Memory 1MB or 60 Pockets
Maximum number patterns in one cutting data Up to 600 pieces
Wireless Network Available (Activation Required
ScanNCut Online Activation Card (For Wireless Connectivity) Included

Crafting Workspace

Work Area 11.68" (width) x 11.76" (length)
Optional Extended Work Area 11.68" (width) x 23.76" (length)
Standard Blade Max 1.0 mm (may vary) 
Deep Blade Max 1.5 mm (may vary)
Blade Depth Adjustment 12 levels 
Cutting Speed 5 levels 
Cutting Material: Max 1.5 mm (may Vary) Paper: Printer/scrapbook/cardstock/velum/tracing/poster board. Fabric: Thin Cotton/Flannel/Felt. Others: Magnet/Sticker/Seal 


Scanning Size 12" x 24" Work Area 11.68" (width) x 23.76" (length)
Image Type Full color 
Thickness of Scanning Material  1.5 mm (max): Standard/Middle Tack/Low Tack Mat 
Scanning Speed  20 sec./mat (in case of 12" x 24": 30 sec./mat) 
Scan Resolution  300 DPI 
Recognition Type  Grayscale/Color recognition 
Background Scan Adjustment  Darker/Lighter 
Direct Cut  Frame Types (11) 
Scan-to-cut Data  Detection Types: Outline, Region, Line (Thinning). Saving Data Function After Detection. Deletion Area (unwanted scanned images) up to 3.9" per deletion. Threshold Converting: 5 levels. 
Scan to USB  Scan size: 9 formats (including "CUSTOM") 
Scan to USB Output File Format Select Scan Resolution: 300/250/200/150/100 DPI as JPEG data


Language 9, (English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese)
Opening Screen On/off
Test Cut function 4 Patterns for test
Buzzer On/off
Cut Area Able to change by Drag/Drop Operation
Mat Preview Grid measurement
Built-in Designs 962
Built-in Quilt Patterns 140
Built-in fonts 15
Drag and Drop function Select/move designs on the LCD touch screen display using the stylus
Add Patterns Add other designs
Enlargement Reduction Feature Designs can be enlarged or reduced
On-Screen Editing Functions Sizing (height & width), Duplicating, Lock/unlock aspect ratio, Pattern rotation in 1 degree increments, mirroring, seam allowance on/off, unifying, welding, group deleting/group selecting, auto layout by rearranging patterns: rotate at any angle, rotate patterns 0 degrees or 180 degrees without rotating, Moving (on 100%, 200%, 400% screen), magnifying (by 200% or 400%), undoing, SVG file readability, PES and PHC files (containing applique material stitch data for embroidery)
Seam Allowance Width 7 levels
Pattern Spacing/Pattern Interval 10 levels (width between pattern and pattern/edge of mat

ScanNCut Overview

Machine Software

Software for the ScanNCut CM650W is available to download at


ScanNCutCanvas is a FREE cloud-based web application that combines the versatility of your favorite design software and the awesome cutting power of your Brother ScanNCut2, giving you the ability to easily convert .SVG files to .FCM, perform Image Tracing, and edit multiple images for cutting. It is easy to import projects that you have created or edited with ScanNCutCanvas into your ScanNCut2 cutting machine, via the ScanNCut2 memory stick port, PC direct connect (USB cable required, not included), or ScanNCut Online. Click here to go to ScanNCutCanvas!